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10-20, Sextoys for Women, Valentines Day, Vibrator Sleeves, Vibrators

Palm Body Accessories 2 Silicone Heads. These 100% silicone attachments add more versatility and options to your Palm Power massager. The Palm Body set includes 2 attachments when used with Palm Power will help to alleviate your stress and provide and invigorating massage on areas that are usually overlooked! The Palm Finger is designed to relax every muscle in your fingers and on the palm of your hand.The Palm Curve has two rounded edges to glide over your arm, legs and body for a truly magnificent massage. Paired with the Palm Sensual head attachments, this is an essential add on for the Palm Power massager to get the best experience possible. Massager sold separately. BMS30529 677613305299 Pink,Silicone

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